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Through Early Yellowstone

Through Early Yellowstone

2016. 304-page paperback.

List price: $29.95.

Adventure travel accounts from 1871 to 1916, selected by Yellowstone Treasures author Janet Chapple, with 19th-century art she unearthed and maps both historic and modern.
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Yellowstone Treasures, Fourth Edition

Yellowstone Treasures cover image

Updated fourth edition (2013), reprinted 2015. 400-page paperback.

List price: $24.95.

This comprehensive guidebook provides mile-by-mile road logs, geyser walks, out-of-the-way hikes, and a field guide to plants and animals. Many travel tips, 200+ photos, 37 maps.

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We are continuing our Special Bundle!

Get one Yellowstone Treasures guidebook and one Through Early Yellowstone coffee table book, all for $40.
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Visiting Geyserland E-Book

Yellowstone Treasures geyser walks ebookVisiting Geyserland
2015, 48 pages. List price: $4.99.
Available in ePub, Kindle, and PDF.

Yellowstone, Land of Wonders

2013, 286 pages. List Price: $29.95. Available in hard cover and Kindle.
Published by University of Nebraska Press.

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