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Table of Contents

Through Early Yellowstone Table of Contents

Foreword by Lee H. Whittlesey, Historian, National Park Service
Notes on the Illustrations

Accounts of the Washburn-Langford-Doane expedition, with excerpts by Walter A. Trumbull
Nathaniel P. Langford, “The Wonders of the Yellowstone” (1871)
The Organic Act Creating Yellowstone National Park (1872)
Paul LeHardy, How LeHardy’s Rapids Got Its Name (1873)
Windham Thomas Wyndham-Quin, A Sunset Descent from Mount Washburn (1874)
Philetus W. Norris, “The Wonder-Land” (1878)
Herman Haupt, Preparing for a Trip to the Park (1883)
Margaret Andrews Allen, “A Family Camp in Yellowstone Park” (1885)
A Wilderness Guide on Skis
Elwood (“Billy”) Hofer, “Winter in Wonderland” (1887)
A Visit from a Welsh Artist
Thomas H. Thomas, “Yellowstone Park Illustrated” (1888)
George L. Henderson, Adventure at Norris Geyser Basin (1888)
Feats of an Avid Cyclist
Frank D. Lenz, “Lenz’s World Tour Awheel” (1893)
How the Trout Got into Yellowstone Lake
Barton Warren Evermann, “Two-Ocean Pass” (1895)
“Rules and Regulations of the Yellowstone National Park” (1895)
An Educator Tramps the Distance
C. Hanford Henderson, “Through the Yellowstone on Foot” (1899)
A Ride through Yellowstone Backcountry
Earley Vernon Wilcox, “A Visit to the Hoodoos of Wyoming” (1901)
A Journalist Tours on Horseback
Ray Stannard Baker, “A Place of Marvels: Yellowstone Park as It Now Is” (1903)
An Intrepid Mother
Eleanor (“Nellie”) Quackenbush Corthell, “A Family Trek to the Yellowstone” (1905)
Yellowstone and the Teacher (ca. 1907)
An Enterprising Horsewoman
Alice Parmelee Morris, “Yellowstone Trails Blazed by New York Woman” (1918)
William T. Hornaday, “How Buffalo Jones Disciplined a Bad Grizzly” (1922)
An Artist on Her Own
Anne Bosworth Greene, “Attempting Yellowstone” (1928)

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