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Hints about the Tints

Since the second edition of Yellowstone Treasures we have been adding more navigation aids to help readers find their way around the book. In 2013, with the fourth edition, our designer placed nine tabs of different colors along the right edges of the pages to indicate the six road log sections and the three chapters on the area’s geology, history, and living things. We want the book to be easier to navigate, especially while you’re using it on the road.

approach roads to YellowstoneTake a look at the map on page 24, Key to the Approach Roads (right). You’ll find that the areas outside the park that lead you into the park are color-coded. On pages 7 and 8 of the Table of Contents, the same colors set off the six major subtitles for the road logs. If you then turn to any page in the road logs (pages 30 to 301), you’ll notice that the same pastel shades appear at the tops and in small tabs at the sides of the pages to help you locate that section.

Throughout the book each sidebar with detailed information has its own tinted background to indicate the kind of topic:

  • pale yellow for geology and geography
  • green for natural history
  • blue for human history
  • beige for park information.

These colors and their meanings have stayed the same since the first edition. The key to these tints, as well as to all the other symbols in the book, is on page 22.

In the back of the book you’ll find buff-colored tabs in the margins of the “Geological History” essay, blue tabs for the “Chronology” of park history, and green tabs for the “Living Things” chapter.

Now you’ll never get lost in the book again—and we hope not in the park, either!

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