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Magic number 318

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In recent Yellowstone news, we find that snowmobile permits to enter the park are now set at 318 per day for the next two winter seasons [2009 and 2010]. I haven’t learned how this number was picked, but it’s a step in the right direction. Since fewer sleds than that have entered on all but a few days in the past few winters, this limit should inconvenience very few people who want to ride them in Yellowstone.

For my money, though, 318 is still too high a number for the good of the park’s animals and to assure a prime experience for those of us who are not interested in riding snowmobiles. Fortunately, at the same time, up to 78 snowcoaches per day may enter the park.

The NPS ruling states: “Rules to implement the decision will be published in the coming weeks in the Federal Register, to allow the parks to open for the winter season as scheduled on December 15, 2009.”

NOW is the time to make your winter reservations!