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A must when planning a trip to Yellowstone

E. George, 5-star Amazon review, June 12, 2016

This [Yellowstone Treasures] was the greatest book EVER for visiting Yellowstone. It was our first trip and since Yellowstone is huge, it was extremely helpful to have it broken down into sections and thoroughly described in every way with photos and very detailed maps.

Ms. Chapple’s rating of one star for those sights that were “worth taking the time for,” or two stars for those you “must see” really helped us plan our two-day stay so that we saw all but a very few of her starred features. It’s difficult to impress our 20-something sons, but even they were amazed by the excellent planning this book enabled such that we were thoroughly prepared to make the very most of our two days in Yellowstone. Ms. Chapple grew up in Yellowstone where her dad worked, then she married a geologist! The book reflects that perfect “marriage.” Lastly, heed the warnings to keep distance from animals and stay on the paths! Those warnings are legitimate.