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Angie Janetos, Plainfield, Ilinois, July 13, 2010

We stood for a very long time at Barnes and Noble, looking at several guidebooks on Yellowstone and thankfully chose Janet’s book [Yellowstone Treasures]. It was organized the way a guest in Yellowstone needs in order to move through the park. You feel like you are on the Grand Loop roadways before you arrive in real time. This book influenced many decisions for us ‘newbies’ to Yellowstone. We chose the Beartooth Highway and Northeast entrance because of it. We found the most beautiful geysers and vistas . . . and we formed accurate visuals of what our full day horseback ride around Garnet Hill and the Hellroaring extension trail would be like. There are still hundreds of things we want to see and experience thanks to this book. We’ve been back for three weeks now and I still can’t put the thing down . . . the book is begging to get back in the car . . . we might have to oblige. Thank you Janet!