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Exceptional Yellowstone guide

Suzanne, Rhode Island, 5-star Amazon review, October 3, 2003

Yellowstone Treasures, by Janet Chapple, is the key to appreciating this beautiful park. Because the book is organized into Road Logs, wherever you are you read about what’s coming up next: geological phenomena, animals, trees, flowers, trailheads, lakes and human history are all included. The maps are clear, plentiful, accurate and useful.

Each section is amply expanded with information boxes about things such as how geysers work, how terraces are built, how the names of places were chosen, petrified trees, geological mysteries, etc. The chapters on geological phenomena, human history, flora and fauna are a gold mine of information. Take the book with you, but look at the website well beforehand, because it is also a treasure. We were never without this book during our visit.