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The 1000-foot view

5-star review

I got the Kindle edition [of Yellowstone Treasures](if only the rest of the reference tools had this option !). . . . The meat of the work is the Road Logs and Destinations giving a mile by mile, attraction by attraction passage de park. Some of the descriptions go on for more than a page often highlighting the geology or history of a location.

Natural and Human History is a fairly thorough overview of the Geology, a Chronology Since 1800 and Living Things: a Yellowstone Sampler. The later describes from microbes to bears and a ton of flowers to be encountered. Travel Tips is alphabetically arranged from accessibility to winter visits.
There is also a a wonderful bibliography that is a gold mine. It led me to many of the older works I was totally unaware. Perhaps something a librarian would worry about, but the Index is awesome.

Eric S. Anderson, Dec. 24, 2014