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Visiting Geyserland

Yellowstone Treasures geyser walks ebook
Geyser basin walking tours.
Excerpts from Yellowstone Treasures, updated 4th ed. (2013). Perhaps you’d prefer the full, updated 6th edition e-book.

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5 full-color maps
Epub ISBN: 9780985818241
Amazon Kindle ISBN: 9780985818258
PDF ISBN: 9780985818227
Published October 15, 2014, updated May 2015.
Cover photo credit: Suzanne Cane, 2013.

About the Book

This short ebook helps you find and appreciate the geysers and hot springs in the ten Yellowstone geyser basins and other hydrothermal areas convenient to the roads. Contains:

  • five helpful maps in color
  • anecdotes about historical geyser experiences
  • a list of precautions and reminders
  • resources to explore if you want to learn more about geysers

Table of Contents

Introduction / 3
Biscuit Basin / 4
Black Sand Geyser Basin / 5
Firehole Lake Drive / 6
Fountain Paint Pot / 8
Mammoth Hot Springs: Lower Terraces Walking Tours / 11
Mammoth Hot Springs: Upper Terrace Drive / 13
Midway Geyser Basin / 16
Mud Volcano Area / 17
Norris Geyser Basin / 19
Norris Geyser Basin: Back Basin / 20
Norris Geyser Basin: Porcelain Basin / 24
Upper Geyser Basin: Geyser Route One / 29
Upper Geyser Basin: Geyser Route Two / 40
West Thumb Geyser Basin / 43
More about Geysers / 46

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About the Author

Janet Chapple is a Montana native whose parents once worked at Old Faithful Inn, the historic lodge in Yellowstone Park. She has memories of wonderful times in Yellowstone Park with her sister Joan: waiting for geysers to erupt, visiting with rangers, attending slide shows and sing-alongs in the amphitheater, playing hide-and-seek in the inn, and watching as their father assigned passengers to the big yellow tour buses. Janet attended Stanford University, University of Washington, University of Southern California, and Indiana University. She is the author of five editions of Yellowstone Treasures and the cotranslator into English of Yellowstone, Land of Wonders, an 1883 travelog to and through Yellowstone by Belgian travel writer Jules Leclercq. Foreword Magazine has described her as “”Yellowstone Institute student, professional cellist, and geyser geek.”