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Yellowstone Treasures 5th edition cover

Yellowstone Treasures, updated 5th ed., ISBN: 9780985818272

Yellowstone Treasures
Updated Fifth Edition (2017; reprinted 2018)

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Book description

Covering everything there is to know about the world’s first and most diverse national park, the fifth edition of this best-selling guide to Yellowstone boasts more facts, anecdotes, history, and travel tips than ever before. Mile-by-mile road logs document every approach to the park and every interior road. Through easy-to-understand explanations and diagrams, readers will learn of Yellowstone’s campgrounds and facilities, geyser basins and the frequency of the geysers, out-of-the-way hikes, and flora and fauna. The guidebook gives you all the possibilities, without prescribing for you what you should do or see.


  • Recommended short hikes and walking tours of the geyser basins
  • Travel tips, including what weather to expect
  • Over 200 pictures, both historical and recent
  • 37 full-color maps

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  • What we updated for the fifth edition

    Among other updates, the edition that came out in 2017 added:

    • 65 new color photos. A summer 2016 photo contest yielded the wonderful new cover photo by Stephen Michael Gryc, among others.
    • Revised maps that show recent road changes and other details
    • Up-to-date scientific information to reflect current research on what’s under Yellowstone and how it works
    • Revisions to the glossary of geological and other scientific terms
    • High-quality paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council

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